Ties between Colombia and the United States have strengthened over the years through close diplomatic relations and through the personal connections developed by the many Colombians who have studied at universities in the US. This growing network of Colombians plays a vital role in linking the people of both countries. As the great 20th century American journalist Edward Murrow said, “the crucial link in international exchanges is the last three feet, which is bridged by personal contact, by one person talking to another”.

The USAlumni Network seeks to keep alive the power of these educational exchanges for Colombians who have journeyed those last three feet.

  • We forge connections among Colombian alumni of US universities through community building.
  • We enhance the network of US alumni associations in Colombia through sharing information and agendas.
  • We contribute to the strengthening of US-Colombia relations by promoting ties with universities and supporting bilateral education cooperation.
The US Alumni Network is an unincorporated association of Colombians and residents of Colombia who are alumni of universities and institutions of higher education in the United States. We also serve as a network of the alumni associations and clubs of US universities in Colombia. Our governance structure consists of a volunteer board of directors and several committees elected biannually by the general assembly of individual members.
We were created in 2016 through an initiative by a group of interested alumni with sponsorship from the US Embassy. A steering committee made up of dedicated alumni from 15 different universities helped bring the idea to fruition.

Members of the US Alumni Network are those Colombians or residents of Colombia who:

  • are members of a US university alumni club or association in the United States or Colombia.
  • received an undergraduate or graduate degree from a US university or other institution of higher education.
  • completed or participated in an executive education program, a fellows program or a continuing education program at a US university.
  • held a postdoctoral position in a university in the US.
  • Be part of the only US university network in Colombia, with access to its directory of members.
  • Meet and network with alumni of universities throughout the US who live and work in Colombia.
  • Receive invitations to events and initiatives of US university alumni clubs in Colombia.
  • Help develop your alumni association by strengthening its ties to other alumni clubs in Colombia.
  • Get tips on how to establish an alumni association of your US university in Colombia if it does not already exist.
  • Keep informed about professional opportunities.
  • Enjoy quick access to news, articles, other alumni and much more.