The US Alumni Network is a member-led, unincorporated association. Its governance structure consists of a General Assembly of members and a volunteer Board of Directors and several committees elected biannually.

The first Board of Directors was elected in December 2016 by the US Alumni Network’s members. The Board replaced a Steering Committee made up of 22 individuals who worked collectively as the founding members during 2016 to create the association.

Maria Claudia Garcia
Harvard University

Maria Claudia Garcia has more than thirty years of experience in the public and private sector. She has a degree in systems and computer engineering from Universidad de los Andes and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University. Maria Claudia is a founding partner of Opening Consulting, a professional services firm that accompanies organizations in the formulation of their organizational strategy and in their relationship with the different interest groups in order to maintain priorities, control and order, achieving the expected effectiveness. She is the current president of the MIT Harvard Club and the US. Alumni Network.

Luiz Felipe Ruiz Espindola
Georgetown University

Luis Felipe Ruiz Espíndola currently serves as Senior Consultant in Qualitas T&T and ECO Resultores. He is also a professor in the undergraduate and master´s program on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance of the Universidad Externado de Colombia. Prior to consulting, he was the Executive Director of the Regional Social Responsibility System (SRRS) of Valle del Cauca. He has held positions related to sustainable development in national and international organizations. Luis Felipe holds a Master’s Degree in International Law with emphasis in Commerce and Development form Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He is the founder and current president of the Georgetown Alumni Club in Colombia.

Susana Galofre
University of Pennsylvania

Susana Galofre was born in Bogota and studied at Colegio Gimnasio Femenino, graduating as part of Class of 1985. She received a bachelor´s degree at University of Pennsylvania in 1990 and then worked in Citibank Colombia until 1993. She worked at Productora de Abrasivos, SA from 1993 to 1996. Since then, she has worked at Ciameril, SAS. Susana is married and has three children.

Camila Idrovo
Georgetown University

Camila Idrovo serves as political assistant at the US Embassy in Bogota. She graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Foreign Service. Camila is developing a career in international relations, with a particular interest in public health, social entrepreneurship, international diplomacy, and global human development. She has considerable experience in project management, as well as in working with governmental and non-profit organizations in research, policy implementation and advocacy. Camila hopes to improve the lives and opportunities of people through her lifework.

Daniel Lopez
University of Chicago

Daniel Lopez is a lawyer with an MPP from The University of Chicago. He has worked with the Colombian government in different ministries, and has also been a consultant for the private sector. Daniel has experience in working as the political advisor of ministers and CEOs, and as the liaison of national and local governments. Has been part of different student organizations and is the founder of the Colombian Student organization in Chicago. He is also part of the team that puts together the Latin American Public Policy Student annual forum: OMNIA.

Andres Muñoz
Carnegie Mellon University

Andrés Muñoz is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate with experience in the Film and Advertising Industries. Recently arriving from Los Angeles, CA, he joined the Board in a mission to provide local networking opportunities to incoming alumni. He wishes to build positive relationships between Colombian and international entities that will let governments, businesses and cultural institutions communicate their ideas effectively. In his spare time, Andrés reads J.R.R. Tolkien & Ken Follett novels and explores the great outdoors.